IPL Skin Rejuvination & Thread Vein Removal

IPL Advanced Anti-Ageing ‘LIGHT’ Driven Skin Rejuvination

IPL Deep Skin Rejuvenation – The Pinnacle of Skin Treatments! Stimulate the DERMIS of your skin with intense pulsed light! Light energy is the only system that will be absorbed not only through the epidermis of the skin but the Dermis...the "activity centre" of the skin. IPL skin rejuvenation is extremely dynamic in achieving skin recovery, manufacture of elastin and collagen in the dermis, and is the most assertive treatment for problem skin conditions. > acne > broken capillaries > lines > wrinkles > rosacea > pigmentation > anti ageing.

  • Full Face and neck anti ageing £110 40 mins
  • Full Face anti ageing £90 25 mins
  • Acne £40 10 min session / £65 20 min session (includes masque)
  • Pigmentation/age spots hands £40 10 min session / £65 20 min session (includes masque)


VR  IPL Thread Veins/ broken capillaries 

£40 10 mins session /£65 20mins session (including a soothing masque) 

We have a fantastic separate treatment for thread veins/capillary damage (rosy cheeks). Particularly visible results after 3 treatments





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