Body Conditioning Therapy

Dermalogica back, face and All Over Wellness: 65mins - £58

A specialised treatment. A therapeutic back massage stimulates the lymphatic system and relaxes the mind. Special attention is paid to neck tension. Following on from this is a deep cleansing and rehydrating facial. Leaves the skin rejuvenated and the body totally relaxed. Best of both worlds!

Ultimate Back Treatment: 50 mins – £57


Melt away your tension or stress with this highly relaxing treatment. We body brush your back to stimulate lymph flow; a deep exfoliation scrub follows under warm steam. Hot paraffin wax application is then applied to the full back followed by a 20 minute back massage using warm aromatherapy oils. Mmmmm bliss!

This treatment can also be customised to treat alternative areas of the body i.e. the legs or arms. Fantastic for joint pain, wear and tear, and in some cases arthritis relief

Dermalogica Back Clearing Acne Treatment: 50 mins – £50
Devised for those who suffer from breakouts on the back. We will dramatically improve & clear congestion on the back while soothing inflammation with calming emollients. The pores will be opened using warm steam & hydro salt exfoliation to aid skilled extractions of blackheads & sebum encases pores. An oil-absorbing clay based masque will follow to minimise acne forming bacteria. Lymph drainage massage to detoxify will complete your back clarifying treatment.

Body Mud Therapy & Firming Treatment:  65 mins – £70
Deliver skin health with the aid of heat to serve and relax muscles, increase sensory nerve conduction, relieve pain and calm the psyche. Polish, hydrate and remineralize the skin with a mineral salt scrub or body foliation therapy. After the skin is polished to perfection, a nourishing sea mud masque will be applied to the skin followed by aromatherapy massage. Sheer indulgence!

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