Dermalogica Skin Treatments Face & Body


Professional Dermalogica Skin Consultation: 20 mins - £10 deposit, redeemable on Dermalogica purchases on the day.


Receive a Professional Consultation with our Skin coaches. Aftercare will be discussed and a treatment plan.





Active Resurfacing Dermalogica Skin Treatment: 40 mins - £56


For the more established Dermalogica Skin care user. Allow innovated peptide and enzyme exfoliators skilfully layered to stimulate your skins regeneration and resilience. This treatment will enhance your tone, texture and develop luminosity at the skins surface matrix.


Buy a course of 5 treatments receive the 6th FREE reducing cost per treatment to £46.67


Dermalogica Customised Face Treatments

Buy a course of 5 treatments and receive a complimentary extra treatment!

Multivitamin AgeSmart / UltraCalming Sensitised/ Medibac Acne prone/ Combination Deep exfoliation 50 mins - £50

Available for all skin types. Let our highly trained skin coaches energise and restore health within the structure of the epidermal cell matrix. This treatment includes dead skin cell removal with the aid of advanced dermal exfoliators. Treatment includes a shoulder, scalp and sinus drainage massage, foot cleanse & moisturise. Dermalogica’s trademark face mapping analysis; zone by zone examination of the face will be performed to educate ones homecare regimen and determine the future development of your skin.

Dermalogica Back, Face and All Over Wellness: 65 mins - £58

A specialised treatment. A therapeutic back massage stimulates the lymphatic system and relaxes the mind. Special attention is paid to neck tension. Following on from this is a deep cleansing and rehydrating facial. Leaves the skin rejuvenated and the body totally relaxed. Best of both worlds!

ExpressDermalogica microzone Mini Pamper Facial: 20 mins - £28

A taster facial to experience the delights of advanced skincare products and relaxation.


Express Flash Exfoliation Dermalogica Microzone Skin Treatment: 20 mins - £33 A speedy, straight to the point target treatment concentrating on advanced exfoliation and skin results. For the client that likes no fuss- just visible results.
Buy a course of 5 treatments receive the 6th FREE reducing cost per treatment
to £25.00


Blackhead/ White Head (milia) Extraction: 10 mins - £17 / 20 mins £28

We will assist in declogging your skin by performing skilled extractions. Extractions will be executed only if your Skin Therapist feels it is safe to do so. If extractions are not achievable the treatment will subsequently be performed to aid improving your congestion and skin concerns.


Dermalogica Back Clearing Acne Treatment: 50 mins - £50
Devised for those who suffer from breakouts on the back. We will dramatically improve & clear congestion on the back while soothing inflammation with calming emollients. The pores will be opened using warm steam & exfoliated using advanced resurfacing agents to aid skilled extractions of blackheads & sebum encases pores. An oil-absorbing clay based masque will follow to minimise acne forming bacteria. Lymph drainage massage to detoxify will complete your back clarifying treatment.

*Highly recommended – bolt on our blue light therapy to this treatment for instantly recognisable acne bacterial obliteration extra 20 mins/add £20.


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