Ear Piercings

Tanning and Earpiercing



Our ear piercing technicians exceed 7 year’s experience and have worked with all ages and can comfort and reassure you for a relaxed experience. 


Ear Piercing: 10 mins

Earlobe piercing: £35 - £41 (depending on earring chosen).

Single earlobe piercing: £22 - £24 Includes solution

Single cartilage piercing: £22 - £24  Includes solution

Includes professional studex aftercare cleaning solution

Highly exclusive ‘Studex System’ - used by the professional! Minimal discomfort and quick! We are the ear-piercing specialists! Choose from an extensive fashionable range of hypoallergenic earrings. Studex earrings are manufactured from nickel safe surgical stainless steel and nickel free alloys with 24kt gold and palladium plating. Our staff are trained to the highest standard. We have a style to suit all ages, young & old. Safe for earlobe and cartilage piercings only (unsuitable for Tragus piercing/inner ear). Parents or guardian must accompany under 16s! ID may be asked for.

* We are a small salon and ask you to attend your appointment with only your parent/guardian or friend. Large groups can often increase anxiety of the client.

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