Tanning - Automated VersaSpa Tanning Booth

Most popular AUTOMATED VersaSpa Tanning BOOTH! Tan in private in just 3 minutes! 4 easy steps!

Amazing results! Let this highly advanced machine guide you through your tan! Dry in seconds! 3 different levels of colour. 2 choices of spray – bronze tint (6 hour activation) or colourless un-tinted (8 hour activation). Guaranteed satisfaction!

Light tan: £20.00        Medium tan: £22.00         Dark tan: £25.00


* Take advantage of our 28 DAY TAN CARDS. Have UNLIMITED USE or use upto 5 times within 28 days for only:

UNLIMITEDLight: £45 Medium £50 Dark £57

5 TIMES MAX: Light: £39 Medium £43 Dark £49 - START SAVING AFTER JUST 2 TANS!cards will expiry after 28 days regardless of how many tans have been received.Extended to 31 days in December to compensate for most of the days Salon is closed for Christmas period.

* Buy 2 get 1 free tan cards available all year round (6 month expiry) / £5 off all day Saturdays

* Lunch time sprays, ask for colourless (no one will know) – Book your spray between 11-3 and receive £5 off full price! Tan at lunch, develop at dinner! Colourless tan has a delayed tan activation time so you will not start getting dark until you get home!

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