Transdermal Microneedling

Pitting and scarring will resurface with this ultimate needling therapy! Derived from acupuncture. Staggered needle points will be rolled over the area forming extreme erythema (reddening) and pin-point bleeding. The brain triggers a response to ‘heal’ as the skin needling creates a trauma to the surface of the skin. The skin formation accelerates producing new skin cell formation immediately!

Expect 45 minutes clear waiting time for anaesthesia, or consider a relaxing nail or foot treatment in this time. Area treated will be noticeably red post treatment for up to 4 days and may swell and feel warm.

Acne scarring/ stretch marks/ deep wrinkles / cellulite will surrender under this transdermal delivery. Also can encourage hair growth for Alopecia sufferers and receding hair lines.


Full Face:                     £275
Neck:                          £225
Full Face and Neck:      £320
Décolleté:                    £280
Hands:                        £225
Stretch Marks & Cellulite: Priced per area following Consultation

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