Our covid-19 response

COVID-19 - Keeping Our Customers Safe

At Body & Mind Salon we take customer care very seriously which is why we have implemented the following in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We would kindly ask every customer attending the salon to read through this document to familiarise themselves with the rules. As always, thank you for cooperating and we hope to see you back in the salon soon.

- A deep clean has been carried out in the Salon, wall mounted automatic hand sanitisers have been installed.

- We have removed any unnecessary luxuries to avoid cross contamination e.g. magazines, water stations, tester stands.

- Please observe and follow the social distancing notices and stickers. We are currently practising a 2 metre distance throughout the Salon when not in treatment.

- Protective screens have been fitted at our desk area and nail lounge to safeguard and ensure comfort.

- Prescreening
*Your temperature will be taken by a contactless infrared thermometer by the first member of staff you see. If high, you will be asked to leave immediately and recommended to self isolate.

*You will be asked if you have displayed any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days. If yes, you will be asked to leave immediately and reschedule in 4 weeks.

*If you are not wearing a mask you will be asked to sheild your nose and mouth with a cover or asked to reschedule.

- Appropriate PPE will be worn by staff at all times.

- When you arrive at the Salon, wait at the first 'Stand Here' station clearly marked with a red barrier. You will wait here until a member of staff allows you through. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING IF SOMEONE IS ALREADY WAITING AND WAIT OUTSIDE. ONLY ONE PERSON IS PERMITTED IN THE FRONT WAITING STATION AT ANY TIME, UNLESS CLIENT IS A MINOR WHEREBY ONE ADULT SHOULD ACCOMPANY THEM.

- Please attend your appointment wearing your own mask. Masks must be worn at all times by customers and only removed in treatment rooms if necessary. Masks will not be provided by us (if you cannot wear a mask please inform us when booking).

- If you are elderly or in the vulnerable category, please do not book any appointments until 'sheilding' is relaxed. We will have a vulnerable hour dedicated to those who require it Friday mornings 10-11am.

- Advanced payments in full will be recommended. Pre-bookings essential. If you wish to purchase retail items as a shopper please follow same arrival requirements or call ahead so we can arrange items for you and check stock. Skincare advice must be by appointment only.

- There has been a 7% price increase on all treatments due to increased PPE and strict adherence of Scottish government guidelines.

- Please attend with your own writing pen to complete required forms.

- Hands must be sanitised on arrival and also before entering treatment rooms.

- Disposable PPE will be used by staff and disposable coverings on treatment beds. Our towels and bedding are washed at 90 degrees. We will be using minimal bedding and more bedroll to provide cover.

- Nail appointments will follow a strict sanitise, disinfect, sterilise procedure. All equipment used will have been prepared for you. All nail treatments come with a free nail file to take home. Please do not attend a nail treatment if you have an open wound.

- All body treatments, including massage, will commence with full skin preparation and sanitisation.

- Appointments must be attended alone, no guests or children, unless client is a minor whereby one adult should accompany them.

- Card payment, bank transfer or correct cash to pay for treatment. Change will not be available. Please note, maximum contactless amount is £45.

- No food or drink, extra bags or clutter to be brought to appointment.

- Suitable gaps will be left between appointments to give us time to thoroughly disinfect treatment areas and to also allow clients to maintain a suitable distance from one another in line with government guidelines.

- Full risk assessments have been carried out to stay Covid-19 secure.

- Body & Mind Salon has achieved it's Covid-19 Clinical Safety Practice and all staff are Clean Touch Certified.

waiting area with desk and hand sanitiser nail area with clear plastic shield protector corridor with social distancing sign treatment room with bed and social distancing sign